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Yaira R.Customer

I'm a fan! I've tried Territory, Hello Fresh, and RealEats, this service beats them all. No soggy mess, the food is beautiful, fresh and TASTY! I have the tendency to put salt on everything, just to bring the flavors out and I haven't had to add any at all. The seasoning is on point and the variety allows me to get balanced dinners for the week without getting bored. This is only my second week, and I look forward to ordering Healthy Fresh from here on!

Sarah H.Customer

We first ordered from Healthy Fresh Meals in the Spring and Summer of 2018. As the pace of daily life ebbs and flows, we also placed orders in 2021 to have dinner completely taken care of for the given week. We are so thankful for their selection of great meals, the quality of their food, and ease of delivery and heating up the meals. Planning meals, grocery shopping, and putting away groceries takes time, even when using an online service. Healthy Fresh Meals has a very simple ordering process that is especially convenient. I have never eaten a meal that I haven't liked! Healthy Fresh Meals continues to meet my needs and impress me. This service has given me so many hours back to spend with my family, for which I am very grateful.

Rachel U.Customer

My daughter is a graduate music student that is tremendously busy with school, working, and rehearsals. I sent her a weeks worth of meals which saved her hours of shopping and food prep. What a life saver for her, and less worry for me as well!

Andrew N.Customer

I've tried a few different food delivery options and this has easily been my favorite. I really like the flexibility of being able to choose as many as I want (or no) meals each week rather than being locked into a subscription. I have also been quite satisfied with their array of options and week to week variety. Their dishes have always been very good quality, including the seafood which can be scary to order pre-prepared. Finally the delivery has been convenient. While there isn't flexibility in the delivery time window there is very clear communication on when to expect it and texts to warn when delivery is close and completed. Our regular delivery driver Veronica is fantastic.