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Healthy Solutions for Your Members

Meals + Produce That Heal  l  Food as Medicine


Providing fresh, medically tailored food solutions that improve the overall health and wellness of members

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Fresh Prepared Meals

Freshly prepared meals that are designed to address chronic conditions to improve outcomes.  Menus created by Registered Dieticians, and cooked by professional chefs.


Fresh Produce 

Providing convenient access to fresh fruits and vegetables.  Many options for different varieties are based on member preferences, and recipe options are available.


Our healthy food solutions can help control chronic conditions and improve members’ quality of life by:


Encouraging healthier eating habits


Promoting a nutritionally balanced diet


Increasing access to high quality foods


Introduction to new and fresh food options

Why Eating Healthy Food Is Important

Maintaining a well-balanced diet plays a vital role in improving overall health and wellness

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Reduce the risk of stroke

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Improve heart

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Lower blood pressure

Why Health Fresh RX

FRESH, never frozen meals

Nationwide delivery

Highest level of food safety

World-class culinary team

Menus designed by Registered Dietitians

Tailored menus to support common health conditions

Online ordering portals for members and case managers

Access to live support


Let's Talk

Contact us today about introducing a convenient, home-delivered fresh food program for your members.

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