Customer Spotlight!

Apr 16, 2019Shana Greenbaum

Customer: Amy S.

After having a baby last summer, it quickly became evident that the food delivery service I had used for convenience throughout my pregnancy was not going to work in early motherhood. While I loved the idea of it, on the off chance I had 30 minutes to prep and cook the food, my opportunity had passed by the time it was completed and actually eating the meal was not in the cards. I looked into a few delivery services of prepared meals, but having eaten on an IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) plan prior to baby, I was surprised by the high fat and sodium content and knew they wouldn't work long term, when I got back on my macros plan. I tried another prepared meals service that I picked up from a local gym, but it was dairy free, gluten free and pretty much satisfaction free with small serving sizes, a high price and more limited ingredients than were necessary for the way I wanted to eat. I just wanted something that was balanced. 

I was introduced to Healthy Fresh Meals by a few friends and the macro balance of meals looked great to me, with lots of options to vary up each day. After my first delivery, I was hooked. The meals delivered in every way... Portion size, flavor, variety, balanced nutrition, and most importantly, convenience. I have ordered my weekly lunches and dinners every week since the first taste, and can't speak enough to how much easier these meals make my week. My daughter is now 10 months old and my meals are either inhaled during one of her naps, or eaten while she's eating - sometimes we share the contents of a meal! - but always on the go and in a very short period of time. I know that the idea of this service is a luxury, but as a single mom of an infant, it is absolute necessity to me and the only way I get to eat a reasonable amount of calories on any given day. It doesn't hurt that I look forward to the enjoyment of every single meal as well! 

Customer: Ashley M.

Every year losing weight and loving my birthday suit make it to the top of my New Years Resolutions list. This year, I’m committed to making sure those things NEVER show up again. Health is 20% fitness and 80% nutrition. I love to cook, but between working full time as a consultant, running my own health coaching company, going to the gym 4 times a week, and caring for my lovely chihuahua Tyson, I never have enough time. 

Making dinner every night is impossible, ordering out is a no-no, and meal prepping takes up half the day. At this stage in my life I need something healthy, quick and easy. I was looking for a meal service beyond those with ready-to-cook ingredients and exotic recipes. I needed meals that were delicious, nutritional, fulfilling, and already prepared. I found that with Healthy Fresh Meals!

What I love about Healthy Fresh Meals:

  • Clean, low carb menu 
  • Choices for every meal (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Dessert)
  • New recipes each week 
  • Paleo, Keto, and Whole 30 options
  • Custom meal creation options
  • Compatible with MyFitnessPal
  • Quick and easy doorstep delivery

When I eat Healthy Fresh Meals I feel energized, satisfied and ready to conquer the day ahead. Without having to worry about cooking, it’s easier to stick to my diet and resist temptation. I’ve already lost 5 pounds and 7.9 inches! They’ve helped me so much I’ve convinced my friends and family to order them too! I am so glad I found Healthy Fresh Meals and am so excited to achieve my weight loss goals!

Customer: Bethany P.

I just received meals for my third week, and I can’t say enough how much I look forward to receiving them.
Last year was the first year I started going to the gym regularly. I learned very quickly that even though I was going to the gym three times a week, breaking a sweat, and waking up sore, just going to the gym to say I did it was getting me nowhere. On top of that, I was hungry all the time and didn’t realize that simply “eating clean” wouldn’t provide me sufficient protein and carbs for my workouts.
Around late winter (a couple months ago), I finally looked up what kinds of workout routines I should be focusing on, and got directed to a webpage focused on carb cycling. The idea sounded promising, so I started consciously trying to match what I was eating to my workouts (i.e., increasing my protein intake significantly and rotating the amount of carbs in my meals).
Thanks to a VERY well-placed ad on Instagram, I discovered Healthy Fresh Meals. I had tried other DIY meal services before, but due to lack of space to cook in my apartment, those services came and went. So, I decided to give it a try because I was very intrigued by the ability to match what I ordered to my meal plan. I was not disappointed. All of the food was delicious: the chicken, salmon, and steak were perfectly cooked, and I actually got full servings of green vegetables for several days straight.
Let me be clear: I’m not on any diet, nor do I plan to be any time soon. Just because I’m eating healthy doesn’t mean I’m trying to lose weight. But eating healthy through the help of HFM has made me feel much better my fitness goals for 2019.

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